The Team

All of EuroClad’s people have a vested interest in every project’s success. There’s a unique sense of pride, personal ownership and responsibility in every thing we do. Each person is guided by EuroClad’s commitment to quality and integrity, which links all our activities to deliver the ‘Be Confident’ certainty our clients have come to expect. A collective willingness to work as a team with respect and trust, combined with a hands-on approach to ‘do whatever it takes’ means we consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients.


Neil Purchase - Director

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Neil is a highly dedicated, customer focused, site licensed building practitioner with more than 25 years experience in construction and building industry. He is a driving force behind EuroClad’s commitment to quality and integrity, measuring success not just by what is done, but by the tangible value and lasting results that are built into every project. For Neil, there is something very satisfying about finding the best solution that delivers ‘Be Confident’ certainty for clients. His experience and detailed knowledge brings outstanding leadership and success to the most complex and challenging projects. He is responsible for overall company performance, business development, sales, and project estimating.

Rachel Berkett - Director

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With over 15 years experience in human resources and business development. Rachel brings exceptional skills in process management, business management, resource management, and finance. To her, building 'Be Confident' certainty all comes down to a culture of excellence, and working with a professional team - the retention and development of the right people, with best practice skills and in-depth product knowledge, is a key to the success of every EuroClad project. She is responsible for keeping things flowing, from general and process management to maintaining the financial strength of the business. Rachel has a Masters of Arts in Organisational Psychology. 


Tony Hinton - Ryman Contracts Team Leader

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Tony's more than 26 years experience provides a solid foundation for making sure projects run smoothly, efficiently, on time and on budget. His unwavering attention to quality and details benefits everyone, building 'Be Confident' excellence into everything we do. He is a liscensed building practitioner responsible for the effective management and co-ordination of all onsite building and finishing processes for major contracts, and consistently delivers outstanding results that exceed client expectations. A previous owner of his own successful, specialist coating business. Tony knows that it takes great pride in every aspect of the building process to deliver great outcomes for clients, every day. 

Burnie Tuani - Ryman Maintenance Team Leader

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His 10 years experience with plastering systems has given Bernie in-depth knowledge and highly specialist skills at identifying preventative maintenance contracts. His unique ability to provide preventative solutions to small defects, that may have the potential to become significant, expensive problems in the future, is an asset to any property owner. To Bernie, genuine honesty and integrity are key values in providing cost-effective. 'Be Confident' certainty to the long-term maintenance and protection of a client's property.

Richard Sterne - Contracts Administrator

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Richard joined the EuroClad this year in May, and has become a valuable addition to the EuroClad team. He enjoys watching his son play tennis and watching rugby. Richard’s favourite part of working at EuroClad is the people and positive attitude around the sites and the office. He enjoys the open and honest communication in the business that allows for truthful dialogue throughout. Presently, his responsibilities lie with learning about the business, site delivery and health & safety documentation.