"We believe that to deliver on our promise ‘Be Confident’ takes a company-wide passion for quality that builds certainty into everything we do, everyday. This passion is a powerful tool that drives our commitment to building your project right the first time, on time and on budget." - Neil Purchase, Director. 

EuroClad have built a solid reputation as a full service exterior and interior cladding specialist, from preconstruction through to completion, providing security and peace of mind for residential home and commercial building owners. Including Ryman Healthcare, with whom our relationship has flourished using the values below. 

A culture of quality and integrity.
At EuroClad, quality and integrity are not simply promises. They are fundamental values integrated into our day-to-day working operations, project management and construction processes. Each year a significant amount of our work comes from repeat clients. It’s a true measure of the strength of who we are and how we work, building trust, respect and long-term relationships.   You can count on EuroClad to take care of every aspect of your project, with guaranteed certainty.

Client-focused, full service solutions.
Each building owner has different needs, and different tastes, so we work with you from the start to determine the best solution to important factors such as cost, schedule, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and maintenance. EuroClad have extensive experience with all leading cladding systems and building products, providing expert advise on every aspect of your project from building code requirements, preconstruction planning, project management, construction, completion, safety and legal issues. We provide you with a one-stop, full service solution including: cladding, eaves, facias, windows, sliding doors, plastering, painting, guttering, roofing, decking and ongoing property maintenance.

Experience you can trust.
EuroClad’s management team bring 60 years combined experience in the building and construction industry, backed by a qualified team of registered licensed builders, cladding specialists and professional tradespeople. EuroClad’s reputation for operating with the highest ethical and quality standards in the building industry, coupled with exceptional service and personal attention to our clients needs, has resulted in the successful completion of over 30 significant cladding projects for the most discriminating residential and corporate clients in the past four years, with a combined value of more than $15 million. We have proven experience in effectively managing large-scale, complex and challenging commercial projects through to large and small, residential projects.

Our people make the difference.
EuroClad’s people are our greatest asset, and have a vested interest in every project’s success. There’s a unique sense of pride, personal ownership and responsibility in everything we do. Each person is guided by EuroClad’s commitment to quality and integrity, which links all our activities to deliver the ‘Be Confident’ certainty our clients have come to expect. A collective willingness to work as a team with respect and trust, combined with a hands-on approach to ‘do whatever it takes’ means we consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients.

A commitment to health and safety.
We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our team members, those affected by our building activities, and to minimising any environmental effects of our work. Our leadership in promoting health and safety, and one leads to the other, is the foundation of clean, safe building sites that reduce the risk of injury, and promote more effective operational procedures which builds both quality and pride in what we do. If you would like a copy of our Health & Safety policy, please call us on
09 476 0554.

EuroClad’s work is guaranteed.
In addition to the extensive product performance and weathertight warranties now provided by the leading product manufacturers we work with, EuroClad also provide a 5-year warranty on our workmanship as part of our building maintenance programme. We take our warranties seriously, and have the financial strength to back them up. If there is a problem with our work in the future, we’re here to resolve it. For more information about our warranties, please call us on 09 476 0554.