With any exterior cladding project, large or small, the issues can be complex and the investment and risk can be substantial. Above all else, you need to know that you will get it right.

EuroClad is the first choice for succeeding with exterior cladding systems

and specialist coatings on new homes, townhouses, single and multiple units, extensions and renovations on existing homes, as well as large-scale commercial properties.

Our promise to every client is that you can ‘Be Confident.’

Select EuroClad for your exterior cladding project and you’ll get a company focused on building certainty. We bring to each project the best possible combination of effective project management, highly qualified and licensed tradespeople, systems and advanced product technology.

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Peace of mind certainty doesn’t cost you anything

All it takes is one phone call and a EuroClad licensed building practitioner will arrange a time to appraise your home, at no cost to you, and obligation free.
EuroClad’s team of experienced professionals (the equivalent to house doctors) are highly trained at inspecting and identifying corrective and preventative solutions for monolithic homeowners.
So why take the risk? Call us today and you can enjoy the pleasure of knowing that your asset value will be protected from unwanted, expensive leaky problems in the future.

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