Ryman Bert Sutcliffe

Ryman Bert Sutcliffe began for us in 2015, and has been a 3 year journey that will culminate in September 2018. At it's peak we had a team of 30+ working on the site installing various weatherboards, plaster, and STO Firm cladding. 



Neil's Thoughts:

"It was one of the first Ryman projects that involved significant height, most villages are 3 levels high. In the some cases, we were dealing with up to 6 levels. This obviously raised concerns regarding transport of materials. Also, dealing with issues such as wind and weather at these heights caused us to change a few things, which was very rewarding".  


Our Team That Worked On This Project:

Tony Hinton - Ryman Contracts Team Leader led our team of highly motivated contractors. 

Tana Iona - Completed the last two stages of the project to a high standard that we are very proud of.